Who am I?

Well...I am an English woman living in Turku, Finland, taking a gap year from studying for a Fine Art and Philosophy degree in London. I came here because my Finnish (ex) boyfriend, who came to England after I met him on holiday in Helsinki, was homesick, and I was unwell, bored, and in need of an adventure. He suggested I start a blog to let my friends in England know what I was up to, but in the seven months I've been doing this it's become much more popular than I expected. Many complete strangers have been contacting me, telling me they enjoy reading the blog, and offering advice and good wishes. I document the things that I'm doing, the new experiences I'm having, as well as the problems and challenges I face in this country. I write honestly about both positive and negative things, as well as all the things I find funny or just weird.
I used to have a temporary "proper" job at Suomen Filateliapalvelu Oy, and I am trying to find something new, but I spend a lot of my time drawing, painting, and writing. I'm hoping to use my time away from university to get closer to being a professional practitioner. Art is my greatest passion and I am very dedicated to it. I can often be found loitering in art galleries or drawing pictures in parks, and sometimes include photos and sketches in my blog posts. I often work in mixed media and enjoy experimenting with different techniques. Although my work is focussed on portraits, I draw inspiration from everything around me, especially insignificant things that are often ignored or dismissed. I believe that every little thing is noteworthy and valuable in it's own way. I use Etsy to sell my work.
Aside from that:
I like purple things, weird hair, tattoos, make-up, glitter, the sea, falafel from Hesburger, cats, crisps, coffee, languages, dancing, going on holiday, sewing, high heels, and gin.
I'm very small.
I'm slightly obsessed with the Moomins.
I get very annoyed if other people have bad manners.
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