New stuff

This is a list, partly for my own benefit and partly for others to see, of the new experiences, both big and small, that I've had as a result of being in this country.

Started to learn a new language
Went sledding
Experienced a Finnish Christmas (and loved it)
Rolled down a pile of snow
Seen work by, and learned about, various Finnish artists
Tried new foods
Lived in sub-zero temperatures
Made new friends
Saw the parade of teenagers going on study leave
Played Carcassonne
Celebrated Women's Day
Gone to new places (Turku, Naantali, Pori, Littoinen, Tampere)
Worked abroad
Went to Norway
Watched ice hockey (and watched Finland win)
Taught a class of five year olds
Celebrated Juhannus/Midsummer
Broke my finger
Swam in the Aura river
Worked as an au pair
Drank on a riverboat bar
Drank at Botellon